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Why Mac Uniform for uniforms?

We are proud to introduce our organization, Mac Unifrom a Government recognized Export House,started during the year 2003, with 20 years of experiance we are opened in UAE,Ajman also. manufacturer and exporter of Knitted and Woven Garments, is positioned in Tiruppur the Knit-city of india, passion for fashionable apparel production had grown as the trendsetter in spotting the up-to-the-minute technologies and implementing in its production for sustaining the client base accommodating to the transforming fashion.


Our corporate culture is based on continuous research for better quality, where quality means not only quality of the products but also respect for the ethics, principles and social responsibility, with constant eye to improve the living conditions of workers and the environment. We want to be sure that at good intentions follow good deeds.



Mac Uniform, serves its products quality to be optimum in maintaining the global standards at each phase of our production trailing “Natural & Healthy Apparels” among the global market players.



Embodying as a leading crafter of modish apparel, Mac Uniform, exerts to be at the apex position in the wide reaching global market by constant evaluation and improvement process with maximum quality and higher process returns each time.

Quality Control


Acclaiming our various experts taken to maintain quality management, eco - friendly, fabrication and social accountability we have been certified with following that is currently live.

Our Methods

We have a different methods to all our proccess.


Mac Unifomrs, offers the best in quality goods with a comprehensive production set-up with high standards throughout the production process from yarn purchase till logistics, this extends to after sale service


Procurement of raw material ranging from all varieties of natural and ManMade bers such as Cotton / Viscose / Polyester / Modal / Linen / Lyocell and blends like Cotton-Viscose / Cotton-Linen / Poly-Cotton / Cotton-Modal / Poly-Viscose. Lycra can be added in above combinations as per compositions and requirements. We are Capable and expertize of handling both knits and woven


We are highly capable of knitting all type of fabric such as basic structures and self-ornamentations in our associate knitting units with full utilization and effcient to produce greige fabric capacity of 6000kgs/day


We are operating with HTHP Fully automatic Dyeing machine of Capacities 25kgs, 100kgs 250kgs and HTHP MCS Multi or automatic dynamic dyeing machine of 540kgs , 720kgs 1200kgs and 2000kgs with a dyeing output capacities of 6 Tons/day , with all nishing process set-up such as stentering and compacting